Where learning and development is a human interaction, not simply a business transaction.

Joshua A. F. Cutler

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Meet the Founder, Joshua A.F. Cutler

Teach the Trainer was founded by Joshua A.F. Cutler in 2012. He is also the CEO of the company.

He is an experienced L&D executive and strategy consultant, with a demonstrated record of increasing retention and decreasing turnover in multiple industries and companies.

Teach the Trainer


Cutler has served as an expert educational consultant for the History Channel, where he developed educational programming support that has enabled thousands of teachers and students to improve performance outcomes.

He has also taught in the New York City Public School system for more than a decade.

Recently Cutler used his knowledge as a subject matter expert in education, to transform the training program for a client in the field of emergency management, which has led to a 30% increase in employee engagement.

A significant value of this method is its versatility, as the fundamentals of good teaching apply to any audience in any industry. It can be used to train line managers on basic teaching strategies, as well as experienced L&D staff to develop a community of profound intellectual advancement.

Under Cutler’s leadership, Teach the Trainer has grown as a place where learning and development is human interaction, not merely a business transaction.

Teach the Trainer


"Working with Josh has been a life-altering experience. I was tasked with directing trainings for my department, but nobody had ever taught me how to do it correctly. Having the expertise of a trained educator made all the difference, as Josh has helped me transform not simply into a trainer or facilitator, but a true teacher. In just a few months, Josh was able to provide me with the answers that my traditional L&D partners couldn't in the 9 years I've been with my organization. His unique method of applying academic teaching strategies within the corporate context has enabled me to improve employee engagement in my department by over 30%. I am so grateful to Josh and I look forward to our continued work together in the future."

Kate Shimshock

Emergency Management Specialist and Training Program Director, University of California at San Francisco

"The consultations I've had with Josh Cutler have been invaluable to my educational practice. Over the years I've had numerous students in my classes who are not native speakers of English. Through goal-setting and guided coaching conversations, Josh has helped me to overcome my lack of training in how to address their needs, leading to an average increase in student performance of at least 25%. He has also helped me as I transitioned into my leadership role as director of the STEM program. As a career educator myself, I can especially appreciate how severely most corporate learning programs fall short, and Teach the Trainer is exactly the type of innovation needed to bring them to the next level."

Jack Pescatello

High school physics teacher and STEM Program Director, NYC Public Schools

"All of us at the History Channel are very impressed with your work developing lesson guides for our educational videos. You should take pride in knowing that your work has provided a tremendous benefit not only to A+E Networks, but to the many students and educators who rely upon our educational programming to supplement their instructional practice."

Libby O'Connell

Senior Vice President and Chief Historian, A+E Networks

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