Where learning and development is a human interaction, not simply a business transaction.

Joshua A. F. Cutler

Welcome to Teach the Trainer

Teach the Trainer is a unique system which relies on training business leaders, to improve employee engagement and retention, by using academic teaching methods.

We create powerful, customized learning solutions that integrate individual employee needs, towards measurable business goals.

Teach the Trainer

Benefits Of Working With Us

We use advanced and proven teaching methods in corporate learning and development (L&D) programs, with a square focus on measurable business results.

Employee engagement and retention are big and expensive problems at most companies. Lack of meaningful learning opportunities is the main reason employees leave too soon.

At Teach the Trainer, we train business leaders to create genuine learning communities. We have successfully transformed entire L&D programs and increased engagement by an average of 30%.

About Our Founder

Teach the Trainer was founded by Joshua A.F. Cutler, who taught for 14 years in the New York City public school system, and has trained people of all ages from over 60 foreign countries. He speaks both French and Spanish fluently.

Cutler's unique expertise has earned him an invitation to the elite Forbes Coaches Council, where he serves as a distinguished member. He has been a team lead both in onboarding new teachers, as well as succession planning for more senior educators. Cutler has also provided key support to staff at all experience levels in understanding concepts of English-language acquisition, which is his specialty. Additionally, he has provided expert coaching to professionals in other industries to incorporate proven teaching strategies into their training, which has led to dramatic increases in employee engagement.

Teach the Trainer

The problem of lack of learning has gone unnoticed for quite some time. We at Teach the Trainer, have a solution to curb the problem.